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Howard Horel Nature Reserve

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Ecology:  The reserve is part of the globally rare Coastal Douglas-fir zone, which comprises just one quarter of one percent of British Columbia. This land is mostly forested, with several rocky bluffs, a few Garry oak, many wildlife trees, a couple of small wetland areas and two small streams flowing into upper Fulford Creek. Seven Species at Risk have been found here—Band-tailed Pigeon, Olive-sided Flycatcher, Threaded Vertigo Snail—plus four lichen species: Streaked Horsehair, Pitted Beard, Peacock Vinyl and Fourty-five Vinyl.

Public Trails:  Walking is an easy ramble, along grassy old roads.  Dogs are allowed as long as they are on a leash, please. Trail access is via Bryant Hill Park, entered either from the end of Mereside Road or the end of Sarah Way.

Acquisition:  February 2018.  This land was primarily an anonymous donation, in memory of Howard C. Horel, a sawmill operator and member of a long-time Salt Spring family. The acquisition was supported by a grant from Environment and Climate Change Canada. A conservation covenant on the land is held by The Land Conservancy BC (TLC).

History:  The land was logged in the 1960s with pockets of Western Redcedar trees harvested since then.

Howard Horel

Area: 25 hectares (62 acres)
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