Leatherback Sea Turtle


Dermochelys coriacea [Endangered / red-listed] The leatherback is occasionally sighted in the ocean in the vicinity of the Gulf Islands. This is the world’s heaviest reptile and it can measure over two meters in length. The limbs are paddle-like, lacking claws, and the back of the turtle has seven prominent ridges. The diet is largely jellyfish.

Sharp-tailed Snake


Contia tenuis [Endangered / red-listed] This is a small snake, usually reddish-brown, with a thorn-like tip on the tail, a dark stipe across each eye, and black-and-white barring on the underside. When disturbed, the snake may burrow downward rather than slither away. This snake has been found in open areas, forest edges, roadsides, arbutus-oak-Douglas-fir woodlands, and south-facing rocky slopes.

Western Painted Turtle


Chrysemys picta bellii [Endangered / red-listed] The western painted turtle is a relatively common turtle throughout much of its range. In Canada, there are three subspecies which extend from Ontario westward to British Columbia. In BC, the western painted turtle subspecies (Chrysemys picta belli) can be found, with the Pacific Coast population being federally listed as endangered.