Banded Cord-moss


Entosthodon fasicularis [Special concern / Blue-listed] At the northern extent of its range in the Pacific Northwest, this moss is also known from Europe. All the sites on Salt Spring Island occur in the vernal seeps of Garry oak woodlands.

Rigid Apple Moss


Bartramia stricta [Endangered / Red-listed] This rare apple moss is known from less than ten locations on Southern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. On Salt Spring Island it occurs in two locations, among Garry oaks on seepy outcrops.

Texas Balloonwort Liverwort


Sphaerocarpos texanus [Red listed] This small, thalloid, bright green branched liverwort is found on flat, lightly shaded soil. Usually by roadsides. The species is sexually dimorphic, with male plants usually 3–5 mm in diameter, females up to 12 mm in diameter. The plant is a winter annual, appearing in autumn and dying in spring.[4] Notably, the spores occur in sets of four, called tetrads. Unlike most other species of liverwort, the spores stay in these tetrads until they germinate.