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Keen’s Myotis

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Keen’s Myotis

Myotis keenii

Keen’s bat has large black ears, brown fur, and may show dark shoulder markings. It is a small bat, weighing less than a Canadian dollar coin.These bats have a low reproductive rate, producing a single young per year, so populations are vulnerable to environmental stresses such as land development, wind turbines, and logging.Keen’s bat hibernates in winter and has been found hibernating in deep caves which provide stable humidity and temperature, allowing the bats to conserve energy. Protection of caves with barred gates can help avoid disturbance of bats in winter, which can result in life-threatening energy losses.Summer day roosts and maternity roosts include old large-diameter trees and snags with cavities and loose bark. Property-owners can conserve veteran trees of this type, providing high quality bat habitat.Avoiding use of insecticides can sustain insect and spider populations on which the bats feed. Also, protection of wetlands, including streams, facilitates the production of insects, as does protection of native plants on which insects develop. Keeping cats indoors can minimize predation.

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