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People and Nature: Remembering Our Relationship

>>People and Nature: Remembering Our Relationship

People and Nature: Remembering Our Relationship

You won’t want to miss this exciting event on Sunday, November 4 at ArtSpring! And it’s the fall fundraiser for Conservancy, providing essential support for our ongoing work.

Filmmaker, author, ornithologist and artist, Dr. Rob Butler will be sharing one of the first screenings of Returning, a film that he created with Mike McKinlay. The film project began as a sailing journey: they were in search of people whose lives and livelihoods were connected to the Salish Sea. When editing the footage, they discovered a compelling story that will whet the appetite of viewers who desire a new relationship with nature.

After the 30-minute film, Rob Butler will engage us in an intriguing discussion about building a nature-inspired culture — what he refers to as Nature Culture. This event will be an inspiration for anyone ready for a cultural awakening and interested in what it means to mend our individual and cultural relationships with nature. We will conclude with a panel and question period.

Rob Butler brings his knowledge from 40 years of watching, listening and living among birds, following them into marshlands and along beaches. He began his research career studying the social behaviour of crows, then the ecology of great blue herons, and finally migration and ecology of shorebirds. He is an adjunct professor at SFU and has published 140 works for scientific and popular publication.

Come at 1:30pm to bid on silent auction items. Bidding will continue during intermission. After the talk, we’ll have 15 minutes to finish up with bidding and to collect your wins!

Tickets are $25 at our office, the ArtSpring Box Office, or a Conservancy Board Member near you! Students under 18 are $10, and 12 and under are free.

“In the end, we will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand.
We will understand only what we are taught.”

—Baba Dioum