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Meet Alan, One of Our Volunteers

>>Meet Alan, One of Our Volunteers

Meet Alan, One of Our Volunteers

Alan Thomson is one of the volunteers we rarely see but who fills a valuable role. You’ve likely heard of the Save-a-Tape program at Country Grocer, and you’ve probably put your receipt in our Save-A-Tape box. (Thank you for that!)

Did you ever think that somebody must retrieve those receipts; unfold, unroll, and flatten them; and then calculate 1% from each tape and total the sum? If so, we’re going to put a face and a name to that answer!

Alan Thomson has been volunteering with the Conservancy since 2010. He started helping on mailout days for The Acorn. Along with Bob Weeden and other volunteers, they’d stamp the newsletters and prep them for the mail. He thinks that that is perhaps how he heard about the role he now fills.

His interest in the Conservancy came after he and his wife moved here. They had bought a home on the north end of the island in the year Expo ’86 happened, after camping at a place called The Last Resort. They noticed the “For Sale” sign next door. At the time, it was nothing but a “ramshackle cabin,” according to Alan. It has since undergone metamorphosis.

The Thomsons moved here full-time in 1998. That’s when they began paying attention to land protection. Alan said that they got involved with the Conservancy “to help protect the land. We’re farmers. We’ve seen the land being gobbled up.”

Alan wanted to support the Conservancy in a way that works for him. When he heard about this role, he said, “Well, that I can do. I don’t have to go to meetings, I can work my own hours. It suits my lifestyle.” And then with a mischievous grin, he added, “Well, they gave me a calculator, so I better use it!” He volunteers about 8 hours per month! Please keep Alan busy and continue to place your tapes in the SSIC slot by the door. These funds bring in over $1,000/year to support the Conservancy’s work.