Protecting and enhancing the natural values of Salt Spring Island and its surrounding waters




Families Having Adventures in Nature

We’ve had many adventures in nature with kids this year! Family Adventures in Nature began in July, thanks to a grant from the Salt Spring Island Foundation. It’s a series of events taking place at the Blackburn Lake Nature Reserve for children ages 6 to 12. According


Beavers of Salt Spring Island

Beavers are a very popular subject on Salt Spring! Michael Kucher’s August 31st talk — Ghost Architects of the Salish Sea Landscape: The Legacy of the Missing Beavers — not only drew a standing-room-only crowd, but helped us see how many appreciate the beaver and know of


Meet Alan, One of Our Volunteers

Alan Thomson is one of the volunteers we rarely see but who fills a valuable role. You’ve likely heard of the Save-a-Tape program at Country Grocer, and you’ve probably put your receipt in our Save-A-Tape box. (Thank you for that!) Did you ever think that somebody must


People and Nature: Remembering Our Relationship

You won’t want to miss this exciting event on Sunday, November 4 at ArtSpring! And it’s the fall fundraiser for Conservancy, providing essential support for our ongoing work. Filmmaker, author, ornithologist and artist, Dr. Rob Butler will be sharing one of the first screenings of Returning, a film that


WOW! What a conservation success!

Salt Spring Island land conservation got a huge boost with the recent announcement by the province of forest protection of over 1300 acres of Crown lands here.  Conserving the forest and plants of these areas of the globally rare Coastal Douglas-Fir ecosystem will inherently also benefit the rare species


Photos from Art & Nature Fest 2018

Festival goers enjoyed the workshops, guided walks, performances and other activities offered at this year's Art & Nature Fest — all of this on a splendidly sunny day at the beautiful Blackburn Lake Nature Reserve. With thanks to our sponsors — Thrifty Foods, Guayaki, Salt Spring Water, and


Counting butterflies for science … and for fun!

Photo by Simon Henson In late March, the Conservancy held a well-attended training session about how to identify and count butterflies, including photographing butterflies to aid identification. This year, 22 people are counting in nature reserves, parks and home gardens--double the number of citizen scientists