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Beavers of Salt Spring Island

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Beavers of Salt Spring Island

Beavers are a very popular subject on Salt Spring! Michael Kucher’s August 31st talk Ghost Architects of the Salish Sea Landscape: The Legacy of the Missing Beaversnot only drew a standing-room-only crowd, but helped us see how many appreciate the beaver and know of beaver activity on the island.

That night, people were asked to mark a map with locations of beaver dams on the island, with six places marked that night. We took that map and “Bucky the Beaver” to the Fall Fair a couple of weeks later, drawing lots of people to our booth, with many conversations about our island’s beavers. The orange dots on the map grew that weekend to over 30 (see map below)! Over time, we hope to ground-truth this simple citizen science effort.

Beavers can be helpful partners in water conservation and restoration of wetlands and stream habitat. We’d like to work more with these furry friends in restoration activities at Blackburn Lake, where there are at least two beaver lodges and many signs of beaver activity.


Fun Facts About Beavers

Did you know that…

  1. a beaver can weigh 35 to 71 pounds and be as long as 4 feet?
  2. a beaver family can have 1 to 9 kits (babies)?
  3. an average beaver colony is 4 to 8 beavers with a maximum of 10?