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Staff & Core Consultants

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Executive Director:
Christine Torgrimson

Christine oversees implementation of Conservancy programs and management of operations and assets. She also leads land and covenant acquisition initiatives and fundraising planning and implementation. Christine has over 35 years’ experience as founder, board member, staff member and consultant for many nonprofit organizations—land trusts in particular. She currently serves as board member of the Land Trust Alliance of British Columbia and was formerly a board member and chair of the Islands Trust Fund Board and an elected Salt Spring Island Trustee. Christine has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a master’s degree in Counselling.

Office Coordinator & Bookkeeper:
Kathryn Luttin

Kathryn manages the Conservancy office and Blackburn building and provides a wide range of essential administrative support for the organization, particularly for the Executive Director. She has a Bookkeeping Certificate, a bachelor’s degree in Human Kinetics and a master’s degree in Physical Therapy. Her interest in environmental protection and administration led her to the Conservancy in 2012.

Communications and Events Consultant:
Coreen Boucher

Coreen began volunteering for the Conservancy in 2013, managing its social media. Three years later, she was delighted to become one of the Conservancy’s core consultants for communications and later for events as well. Her academic background is in creative writing, geography, and environmental studies. Two decades later, her studies and career shifted to editing and communications. Her work for the Conservancy combines all of these, and she still has fun managing the Conservancy’s social media. Engage with her on Facebook or Instagram!

Ecologist and Field Consultant:
Chris Drake

Chris completes fieldwork on the Conservancy’s nature reserves — trail building and maintenance, signage and fencing installation, planting, invasive plants removal, and so on. Coast Alive Recreational and Ecological Services has been completing contracts in environmental stewardship on Salt Spring since 2006. Started by Chris Drake, an ecologist who grew up on the we(s)t coast, Coast Alive Services specializes in invasive plant control, wildlife habitat enhancement, ecosystem restoration, and trail creation and maintenance. Coast Alive Services also works to create a minimal footprint, both locally and globally, by using an e-bike and trailer whenever possible, sourcing materials from the island, and avoiding gasoline tools.

Stewards in Training

Stewards in Training Co-coordinator:
Cathy Lenihan

Cathy co-leads the Conservancy’s Stewards in Training program, which provides nature-based learning days for all K-8 students on Salt Spring. She assumed this role after volunteering with the program for several years. She exudes enthusiasm in her passion for kids, a healthy environment, and nature education.

Stewards in Training Co-coordinator:
Judy Wickland

Judy co-leads the Conservancy’s Stewards in Training program, which provides nature-based learning days for all K-8 students on Salt Spring. Judy enjoys teaching kids and adults about nature and teaches nature programs through the City of Nanaimo. She works with schools to get students outside and to teach teachers about nature so that they can teach their students through WildBC. She also spends time at schools teaching students and volunteers at various places teaching kids about nature.  She loves hiking, camping, drawing, and writing; learning about the ocean, plants, and anything about nature; and spending time in nature.  She has been a scouter for over 10 years.