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Businesses helping to protect wild places on
Salt Spring Island


We are excited to introduce you to the 1% for Salt Spring Wild Places program. To maintain this beautiful place we live in, and to continue to appeal to island visitors, we have created a way for businesses and their customers to help the Salt Spring Island Conservancy protect wild places here.

Current 1% supporters:

Armand Heights B & B

Gatehouse Lodge B & B

Green City Builders

Hedgerow House B & B

Highgarden B & B

Salt Spring Carriage House B & B

Sunnyside Guest Suite

Sunset Solace Cottage

Tour Salt Spring

Wisteria Guest House

What is 1% for Salt Spring Wild Places?

This program brings businesses together to help preserve Salt Spring wild spaces. This will help permantly protect:

  • Wildlife habitat
  • Healthy drinking water
  • Sensitive wild areas
  • Places for children to learn about nature

How to participate

  • It’s easy!
  • Ask us to help you to implement the program.
  • Collect the 1% or any amount that works for you and your customers.
  • Send a quarterly cheque to the Salt Spring Island Conservancy.

Why help conserve wild places?

  • Because you treasure Salt Spring’s natural beauty.
  • Because protecting wild places enhances the quality of island life and adds value to properties.
  • Because preserving wild places is a vital economic driver for island businesses. Visitors, residents and future residents seek out recreational opportunities and access to wild places.
  • Because preserving wild places benefits future generations.

What we do for you

  • Recognize your business participation in media announcements, social media posts, and the Conservancy newsletter and website.

  • Provide networking opportunities through 1% for Salt Spring Wild Places events.

  • Provide materials about the 1% program and the Conservancy.

  • Provide charitable tax receipts for business donations.

Information Package

Business participation is free, and we help you get started by providing advice about setting up the process. You’ll find that participating takes very little of your time.


Sign up today

Funds are raised by businesses collecting  voluntary donations on products or services from their customers.  Alternatively, businesses can make a direct voluntary donation.

100% of donations will help protect Salt Spring wild places. Each year, participating businesses will be informed about how much money the program has raised and how it was spent.