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Homeslide – Herons

Herons - Click on image to watch video

Home slide – Wetlands Restoration

VIDEO - Wetlands Restoration
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Salt Spring Island Conservancy

Species of the Season – Fall 2015

Fall 2015 - Species of the Season
Coastal Scouler’s Catchfly
Photo by R. Batten

bblake facility may 2015

The Blackburn Lake Facility

Planting at Blackburn Lake

VIDEO - Planting at Blackburn
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photo by Simon Henson

Black Burn Lake Wetland Restoration

VIDEO - Wetlands Restoration at Blackburn
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Stewards in Training


Learn about bats and make a bat box

Makaroff Nature Reserve

Robert and Shauna Makaroff Nature Reserve (MNR)

Mt. Tuam Special Management Area Resource Team

Mt. Tuam Special Management Area Resource Team

Species at Risk - Dun Skipper Photo by Mike Yip


Butterflies on Salt Spring Island


Beautiful Wildflowers of Salt Spring


peregrine-falcon blackburn-simon-hanson

Stewards in Training
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Protecting Species at Risk
and their habitat

Blackburn Lake Nature Reserve
(photo by Simon Henson)

SPECIES OF THE SEASON – Fall 2015 ~ SPOTLIGHT on Coastal Scouler’s Catchfly

Heron Video

Protecting and enhancing the natural values
of Salt Spring Island and its surrounding waters