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Vagrant Shrew

Vagrant Shrew

Vagrant Shrew Sorex vagrans

Vagrant shrews are found in southern BC, south along the coast to central California, and east to Idaho and Montana.

Vagrant Shrews are insectivores with an incredibly fast metabolism, eating frequently to stay alive. They are about 10 centimetres (4 inches) long including their tail. They use echolocation in order to navigate, emitting low-intensity sound when navigating. Shrews do not hibernate, and they are able to reduce their body mass, including bone mass, during winter to conserve energy. Their mating season happens once a year and lasts only a few hours. These shrews inhabit moist coastal forests and open grassy meadows like Garry Oak meadows and are preyed upon by raptors and herons. All shrews are at risk of predation  by domestic cats and should be protected from cat hunting.