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Steller Sea Lion

Steller Sea Lion

Steller Sea Lion Eumetopias jubatus

The Steller Sea Lion is the largest sea lion, distinguished from seals by the presence of external ear flaps. Males are larger, weighing between 400-800 kg, while females average between 200-300 kg. The name is derived from the ‘mane’ of light coarse hairs that develop on the neck and chest of mature males.When at sea, sea lions are found in small groups or individually. During the breeding season, they form dense colonies on land. Pups are born between May-July and usually nurse for a year or longer. Sea lions feed mainly on schooling fish including salmon, herring, sandlance, hake, and sardines.Sea lions are sensitive to human disturbance when on land. Other threats include environmental contamination and habitat loss and degradation.

Photo by Laura Matthias