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Markaroff Nature Reserve

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Robert and Shauna Makaroff Nature Reserve (MNR) is located in the southwest portion of Salt Spring Island. The reserve consists of 3 adjoining oceanfront lots.

Water Access Only because there is no legal public road.

Ecology: The Makaroff Nature Reserve consists primarily of second-growth forest with a southwest aspect. There is a small portion of a wetland with an area of about 0.2 hectares on lot 19 as well as numerous streams and associated riparian areas in the reserve. All three lots have significant marine shoreline. There are small Garry Oak ecosystems with herbaceous grassy meadows and rocky outcrops dotted with small vernal pools. The reserve has been logged and much of the large timber has been removed although the understory vegetation is diverse and healthy. There are 9 provincially or federally listed Species at Risk that have been documented in the reserve: Band-tailed Pigeon, Common Nighthawk, Western Screech-owl, kennicottii subspecies, Northern Red-legged Frog, Pacific Sideband Snail, Scarletback Taildropper, Nuttall’s Quillwort, Seaside Juniper and Stellar Sea Lion.

Acquisition: December 2012

The three lots were donated to the Salt Spring Island Conservancy by the family of long-time owners Robert and Shauna Makaroff in December 2012. Conversations over several decades led to intensive negotiations in May 2012, and the title was transferred in December 2012 after 8 months of joint efforts by family members, SSIC staff, volunteers and consultants.

Although the donation agreement allows continued walking access within the reserve, there is no legal public access into the reserve from neighbouring lands. This reserve is therefore only legally accessible by the public from the water.

Almost all of the south and west portion of Salt Spring Island from Musgrave Landing to Cape Keppel on the southern tip of Salt Spring Island is forested with small rocky outcroppings, small wetlands and riparian areas. Most of the area has been previously logged and there are old logging roads that pass through many of the lots including MNR. Although there are a few residences and cabins, most of the area remains undeveloped.

MNR is primarily forested with a mix of younger and older trees with pockets of Garry oak ecosystems. A small portion of a wetland occurs in lot 19 and riparian areas are found in all three of lots, which also have significant marine shoreline. Without fire or heavy pest outbreaks, vegetation will tend toward mature Coastal Douglas-fir moist maritime subzone (CDFmm) forest.

Robert and Shauna Makaroff

Area: Area: 37 hectares (91 acres)

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