Batwing Vinyl


Leptogium platinum [Endangered/ Red-listed] Not exactly like a bat wing with all those crowded fruiting bodies, this curious lichen does have the same transverse wrinkles that help distinguish it from Peacock vinyl.

Carbuncular Toad


Neofuscelia verruculifera [Red-listed] Found frequently over rock in open coastal and inland sites at lower elevations. BC to California and West Eurasia. Small to medium stratified foliose lichens...

Concentric Vinyl


Leptogium pseudofurfuraceum [Blue-listed] Unique in being our only bearded vinyl, this rare lichen growing on Garry oaks is distinct in having a ruffled margin and an underside covered in short hair-like scales.

Continuous Ribbon


Ramalina subleptocarpha [Blue-listed] This lichen is in the Ramalinaceae family. This unique ribbon-like lichen is branched from a narrow holdfast in two’s (dichotomously) and the branches can be up to 15 cm long. It is pale grey to greenish yellow, very flat and thin and never forming bundles of hyphae. It grows only on the bark of trees. It occurs south to California.

Eared Tarpaper


Collema auriforme [Red-listed] Curious with its habit of growing on our Garry oaks, this species more commonly occurs on alkaline ground or rock in other jurisdictions. With its prominently thickened margin (like an ear) and profusion of globular propagules, it’s easy to recognize and locally rare. Known on Salt Spring Island only from one location.

Exploding Beard


Usnea intermedia [Red-listed] Usnea intermedia (western bushy beard) is a grayish-yellowish pale green, irregularly much-branching, stiff shrubby foliose lichen commonly anchored on holdfasts on trees, often on oaks. Abundant apothecia are convex discs with a ring or thallus-like margin having tendril-like fringe radiating from it. It was formerly called U. arizonica in North America.

Flaming Specklebelly


Pseudocyphellaria crocata [Blue-listed] Without a doubt, this eye-catching lichen is our showiest species and always a delight to find. In our area, it grows mostly on Garry oaks but also occasionally over rock. Known on Salt Spring Island from one location.

Fourty-five Vinyl


Leptogium intermedium [Blue-listed] This small vinyl is the second smallest of its kind found locally. In our area, it grows most commonly on old arbutus trees, sometimes with silver-rimmed crackers.

Jigsaw Stippleback


Dermatocarpon leptophyllodes [Blue-listed] This rare lichen is actually recognized by its resemblance to a puzzle! It forms more or less, circular colonies with tightly packed pieces on low rock outcrops usually with spring seepage.

Mourning Phlegm


Lempholemma polyanthes [Blue-listed] This lichen has a small to spreading thallus, often over 2 cm in size, crustose, thin and membrane-like, sometimes ± lobate; upper surface: blackish or dark olive green, smooth or rough and appearing coarsely granulose...

Pacific Tarpaper


Collema furfuraceum [Blue-listed] Known on Salt Spring Island only from mature Garry oaks. It has a warty upper surface covered with fine granules and is, at least around the edges, tightly pressed to the bark.

Peacock Vinyl


Leptogium polycarpum [Special Concern/ Red-listed] This large vinyl resembles batwing vinyl (L. platynum) but grows in different habitat favouring mossy trunks and branches of maple, arbutus and even occasionally Garry oaks.

Pitted Beard


Usnea cavernosa [Blue-listed] It is found throughout boreal forest in mountainous regions across Western North America but is considered rare in the Pacific Northwest.

Powdered Rockfrog


Dermatocarpon leptophyllodes [Blue-listed] A foliose or leaf lichen in the Parmeliaceae family that is found only on coastal rocks. It is a pale greenish colour with tiny leaf-like lobes that are no more than 0.4mm wide. It has a lower surface that can be somewhat shiny and can look leathery with a dusting of black spots. It occurs in Western North America, Northern Europe, Asia and Southern Africa.

Silver-rimmed Crackers


Fuscopannaria pacifica [Blue-listed] Although this species has a broad range along the Pacific Coast and occurs on many different kinds of trees, locally it’s restricted almost exclusively to old arbutus trunks.

Speckled Beard


Usnea ceratina [Blue-listed] This vivid hospital green usnea lichen grows in relatively open, humid forests from central California to BC and east to the Appalachia Mtns. Time of year: Winter.

Starfish Vinyl


Leptogium plicatile [Blue-listed] First documented on Salt Spring Island on New Years day 2016, this distinctive vinyl is locally rare because the exposed limestone on which it grows is rare.

Streaked Horsehair


Bryoria pikei [Red-listed] Pike’s horsehair Bryoria pikei Red listed It takes some practice to distinguish this pale hair lichen, but luckily, only one other similar species is found in our area.