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Ways to Help

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Become a Member

Membership is a way of showing your support, and a way of connecting with others. Members elect our board of directors and membership fees support the organization’s basic operations. Use our membership form here.


There are many ways to volunteer – from teaching children, to restoring wetlands, to helping with fundraising.

Donate Land

There are two main kinds of property gifts:

  1. Ecologically valuable land, given with the agreement that it will be protected. By donating it to the Salt Spring Island Conservancy, you can ensure that the land is protected forever.
  2. Real estate, with or without buildings, given with the understanding that it can be sold to raise funds to support our work. Such gifts are often left as a bequest.

Donate Money

Monthly Donations

It is easy to set up a regular schedule of automatic donations from a bank account or credit card. Even small monthly amounts soon add up to significant support! Check our Donate page for your options.


Publicly traded stocks, bonds and mutual funds make excellent charitable gifts, with attractive tax benefits. You receive a charitable tax receipt for the current market value, but do not pay capital gains taxes on securities that have appreciated. Please contact our office for brokerage account and contact information.

Support the Conservancy When You Buy Groceries

There are two easy ways to donate without costing you anything: by dedicating your Country Grocer receipts to the Conservancy or by using a Thrifty Foods Smile Card.  This brings the Conservancy several thousand dollars’ income each year.  Please remember to:

  1. Place your Country Grocer receipts in the Conservancy box by the store exit near the express counter.  We then receive 1% of the value of the receipts.  For example, if you buy $300 in groceries there each month, that would add up to a $36 donation to the Conservancy over the course of a year. A big thank you to the Country Grocer for continuing to support our efforts in this way!
  2. Get a Thrifty Foods Smile card at the Conservancy office or customer service desk at Thrifty Foods.  You can load up your card at the store and then use it to buy your groceries.  We get 5% of the money that is used via this card, which can be used at any Thrifty Foods.  $300 in groceries each month would add up to a $180 donation over the course of a year. Thank you to Thrifty Foods for this generous support!

Commemorative Gifts

Send a donation to celebrate a special event or in memory of family or friends.

We always recommend that you consult with your lawyer, financial advisor, insurance or tax advisor to plan your charitable donations.