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Celebrating the 110-Acre Blackburn Protected Area!

>>Celebrating the 110-Acre Blackburn Protected Area!

Celebrating the 110-Acre Blackburn Protected Area!

Over the past 5 years, the Conservancy has gradually stitched together the protection of 110 acres around beautiful Blackburn Lake.  It’s a success story that we are very proud of.

Just this July, we were able to add 6 acres on title to the Blackburn Lake Nature Reserve, adjoining the northeast side of the reserve and including considerable wetlands, a spring, and a good portion of lakeshore.  And in March of this year, our neighbours to the west signed a stewardship agreement with the Conservancy on their adjoining 65 acres.

The Conservancy initiated an active fundraising effort in 2012 that culminated in acquisition of the initial 32.6 acres along the lake in fall 2013.  Generous contributions from community members made up the lion’s share of needed funds, complemented by a major grant from Environment Canada, a very generous contribution from the landowner, considerable Conservancy acquisition funds and contributions from the Salt Spring Island Foundation, the Salt Spring Trail and Nature Club and others.

Just a year later, in October 2014, a neighbouring landowner donated 5.8 acres to the south. The following spring (May 2015) the Conservancy negotiated a unique protection agreement on 7 acres, six of which are now on title and another acre of which is protected by a unique easement and profit a prendre agreement.

Map by Catherine Griffiths