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Common Tansy

Common Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare) Common tansy is a poisonous weed and is classified as a Noxious weed in BC. It is distinguished from Tansy Ragwort in that it has many yellow disc flowers. BC Invasives Species Profile  


Restoration Work

The Salt Spring Island Conservancy has successfully restored over 2 acres of new wetland habitat since acquiring the Blackburn Lake Nature Reserve. One of the monitoring tools we use to assess our success is a wildlife camera to see which critters are enjoying the new



Raccoon Procyon lotor Raccoons are a mostly nocturnal hunter, enjoying fresh fruits, nuts, berries, fish, insects, small mammals, eggs, grubs and amphibians. They are curious and known to eat garbage, chickens and anything left out for them. They are also very important scavengers, who help to keep