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Thanks to the many volunteers who got muddy with us in October! Together we planted 3000 + native plants and trees in the new wetlands at the Blackburn Lake Nature Reserve. Did you know? Wetlands are nature’s water purifiers – we’re taking direct action to keep Blackburn and Cusheon lakes healthy!


Black rat

Black Rat  Rattus rattus Introduced rats prey upon native birds and can cause considerable damage around buildings and gardens. Rat problems near dwellings can be minimized by tightly securing garbage and by avoiding the placement of meat products in compost piles. Photo by Non-Native


Brown Rat

Brown Rat Rattus norvegicus The Brown Rat or Norway Rat is globally widespread and costs primary industry hundreds of millions of dollars per year. It has caused or contributed to the extinction or range reduction of native mammals, birds, reptiles and invertebrates through predation and competition. It



Bullfrog The bullfrog is a large brownish or greenish frog (up to eight inches) with a skin fold around the ear. Bullfrogs are invading Salt Spring Island, having escaped from frog farms in other communities many years ago. Bullfrogs can displace our native frogs through competition, predation,