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Art & Nature Fest: A Success!

>>Art & Nature Fest: A Success!

Art & Nature Fest: A Success!

Last summer, the Conservancy’s hosted a 3-day Art & Nature Fest at Blackburn Lake Nature Reserve, which many of you attended. It was an overwhelming community effort and success!

  • Well over 1100 people drifted in throughout the three days and learned about our work, many of whom visited the Blackburn Lake Nature Reserve for the first time, and some became members.
  • Over 200 children and their parents came and had fun at the Kids’ Zone.
  • Over 60 performers, artists and naturalists entertained, led workshops and taught about nature in the north end of the reserve.
  • Feedback from attendees, either in person or in the exit survey, encouraged us to see if we could connect people and nature in a similar event again next year; we’ll keep you updated.

Volunteers were crucial to our success. A special shout out to the organizers: Anna Ford, Coreen Boucher, Jennifer Evin Jones and Wil & Dianette Mayhew. Thanks also to Tisha Boulter, John Borst, Charles Breth, Gail Bryn-Jones, Sarah Dann, Charles Dorworth, Seamus Dunn, Susan Fussell, Linda Gilkeson, Simon & Louise Henson, Ashley & Wendy Hilliard, Nigel Kay, Rick Laing, Peter Lamb, Brian Lawson, Peter Lloyd-Jones, Derek Melton, Ken Lister, Kees & Margriet Ruurs, Samantha Sanderson, Wynn Segestro, Jonathan Shefa, Connor Silverthorn and Martha & Dave Taylor. Numerous others helped, far too many to be named, but you know who you are.

A thank you for the generous support from Canada 150, Thrifty Foods, The Community Foundations of Canada, Country Grocer, the Land Trust Alliance of BC, Saltspring Water Co., Guyaki Yerba Mate and Salt Spring Coffee.

Photos by Simon Henson