Protecting and enhancing the natural values of Salt Spring Island and its surrounding waters



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Executive Director:
Christine Torgrimson

Christine oversees implementation of the Conservancy’s programs and management of its operations and assets. She works with the Board to forge the organization’s ongoing strategic direction and budget and with staff to develop and implement annual operating plans. She also leads land and covenant acquisition initiatives and fundraising planning and implementation; oversees financial management; serves as the Conservancy’s key spokesperson and representative, and oversees communications materials and initiatives. Christine has over 35 years’ experience as founder, board member, staff member, consultant and trainer for many non-profit organizations, land trusts in particular. She currently serves as board member of the Land Trust Alliance of British Columbia, and was formerly a board member and chair of the Islands Trust Fund Board and an elected Salt Spring Island Trustee. Throughout the past 20 years, she has worked as volunteer, consultant and staff at the Conservancy, serving as executive director since January 2012. Christine has a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Master of Science degree in Counseling. She has extensive training in organization management and development and is a longtime licensed professional counselor.

Land Manager & Biologist:
Laura Matthias

Laura manages Conservancy nature reserves and covenant monitoring and enforcement. She also writes grant proposals and reports, in coordination with the Executive Director, and oversees a team of consultants to complete field work and land management. Laura has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Environmental Studies from the University of Victoria, as well as a diploma in the Restoration of Natural Systems from the University of Victoria. She has worked for 25 years in the field of wildlife biology and conservation, participating in diverse field work including mountain goats, bighorn sheep, trumpeter swans, songbirds, raptors, amphibians, reptiles, gastropods, and rare plants. Most of her work has focused on conservation and management of rare and endangered species in both the US and Canada. She has been at the Conservancy since 2007.

Office Coordinator:
Kathryn Luttin

Kathryn manages the Conservancy office and Blackburn building and provides a wide range of essential administrative support for the organization, particularly for the Executive Director. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Human Kinetics and a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy. Before moving to Salt Spring, Kathryn worked as a physiotherapist in Vancouver and a research assistant at UBC, coauthoring five research papers in the fields of kinesiology and physical therapy. After moving to Salt Spring in 2011, she worked in an administrative role at the Islands Trust. Her interest in environmental protection and administration led her to the Conservancy in 2012.

Rachel Bevington

Rachel manages day-to-day Conservancy financial records, produces financial reports, and works closely with the Executive Director on grants budgets and annual budgets as advised by the Executive Director. She also provides some land management and field research project support and assists with the website. Rachel has served with the Conservancy for over 13 years, as a volunteer, board member (2003-2005) consultant and staff. She trained as a biologist at the University of Victoria and then graduated with a Master’s of Environment and Management at Royal Roads University in 2007. In the past, Rachel worked on the Conservancy’s land management plans and website and was the Acorn newsletter editor for many years. She began bookkeeping at Greenwoods Eldercare and the Salt Spring Centre School before taking on Conservancy bookkeeping in 2014.