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A Fond Farewell to Susan Dann

>>A Fond Farewell to Susan Dann

A Fond Farewell to Susan Dann

At the end of September, the Conservancy’s Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator, Susan Dann, retired, and we’ll really miss her cheerful and hard-working presence.  Susan worked for the Conservancy for about 8 years, initially as the office coordinator.

She played a huge role in the development and growing success of the organization, particularly with the recent Art & Nature Fest, but also over the years with many events, membership building, volunteer support, fundraising and more.  Over 100 volunteers a year give the Conservancy a helping hand, contributing 5,000 to 6,000 hours of work, and Susan’s support and gratitude played a huge role in attracting and keeping this amazing crew happy.

Susan was also insightful about organizational development and was a great support to the executive director.  Thank you, Susan, for a job very well done, and best wishes for the adventures that lie ahead!