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A Cornucopia of Volunteers

>>A Cornucopia of Volunteers

A Cornucopia of Volunteers

Members and volunteers are the driving force of the Conservancy.  In 2017, over 220 volunteers donated over 6,800 hours to the Conservancy—an all-time high!  In 2017:

  • 100 volunteers spent about 1,400 hours in workshops and trainings and supported events and nature reserve restoration.
  • 2 volunteers—a photographer and mapper—contributed about a whopping 1,150 hours.
  • 40 volunteers dedicated about 1,100 hours to the Stewards in Training program, which every year takes over 700 K-8 students into the field for nature-based learning.
  • 30 volunteers supported the incredibly successful 3-day Art & Nature Fest at Blackburn with about 1,000 hours.
  • 16 nature reserve wardens and consultants donated about 1,000 hours.
  • 11 board members dedicated about 600 hours guiding the organization.
  • 21 volunteers, including staff, devoted about 550 hours for various activities.

The increase in volunteer numbers and hours echoes the enthusiastic responses to our 2016 volunteer survey, indicating people’s high level of satisfaction about their work for the Conservancy.  Many, many thanks to all of you, for your time and commitment to the Conservancy and beautiful Salt Spring!