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2017 Wetland Restoration as Told by Tom Biebighauser

>>2017 Wetland Restoration as Told by Tom Biebighauser

2017 Wetland Restoration as Told by Tom Biebighauser

When I met Tom for the first time, I noticed that he loves talking about what he does. Tom is a wildlife biologist and wetland ecologist, and he oversaw the project construction at Blackburn Lake Nature Reserve in the fall of 2017. He loves to share his knowledge, and he’s a natural teacher.

You’ll hear Tom’s passion in this video. He’s talking about the restoration of a fairway at the former golf course around Blackburn Lake, one of only two golf course restoration sites in North America at the time.

The entire project was a stupendous success. About 1.5 acres of wetland and upland habitat were restored and about 4450 cubic metres of invasive species removed (5820 yards). Twenty-five individual volunteers helped to plant 10,600 native plants (about 55 different species) and collectively put in 165 volunteer hours. As a result, they completed the planting a week earlier than scheduled!

Thank you to our funders who supported the wetland restoration: WWF-Coca-Cola Canada Restoration Fund, Government of Canada’s National Wetland Conservation Fund, and Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation.

Last but not last, we thank the wonderful Greg Nuspel for his voluntary videography!